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About Startup

F.R Associates has been founded by a couple of like-minded individuals with a grounded belief in creating value and a sustainable business out of the waste generated by human activity on earth. Waste management is one of the key challenges facing all nations across the globe. It is no wonder therefore that the theme is in focus in India as well. The concept of turning waste into resource has been already implemented with some amount of success at various places in the world including India. We want to build further on the lessons learnt from the best practiced modals in waste management, plastic recycling and biogas production using green technology concepts. We intend to create a business modal of waste management and plastic recycling. The promoter of the company has 3 kanals of owned land available and intends to use it for setting up the operational unit in Chadoora area of Budgam district. While doing business, we are committed to hold high standards of ethics and act as a gender sensitive and eco-friendly actor or co-actor. We want to be seen as a socially responsible Company favouring Eco-friendly technologies and green practices.

What is the problem the startup is solving?

Like other places in the country, the state of Jammu and Kashmir faces a formidable challenge in Solid and liquid management (SLWM) both in rural as well as urban areas There are about 304971 designated Gram Panchayats (GPs) in rural areas (census 2011).The problems and limitations of the approaches for wastewater treatment and sanitation are progressively surfacing. In 90% of the places ( Rural / Urban) waste is being left in the open increasing the chance of disease. Currently human feces are deposited behind the houses along with livestock manure where they are left un-buried and untreated. These unsanitary conditions can lead to the build-up bacteria seeing the community susceptible to disease. The proper implementation of a biogas digester would solve this problem while also taking the load of the local power problem by providing the community with another energy source in the form of biogas. They would be able to use the biogas for a number of things but primarily in biogas stoves for cooking which are quite efficient. The other product made from the bio-digesters is fertigation water. This water when implemented into the local irrigation systems and farming areas would benefit the crops and agricultural yield that the area produces.

How does your startup propose to solve this problem?

The aim of Start-up is to establish a biogas plant & Plastic Recycling Unit. The concept of a biogas plant is to treat the waste products entering it to create a usable gas and a safe product to be used for fertilization. The Biogas Settler can be installed at Household as well as Community level. In biogas plant the waste is transformed into bio energy and high quality fertilizers. Main functions of a biogas plant are waste management and decentralized production of renewable energy and fertilizers. We are also looking for a plastic waste recycling plant to deal with the waste plastics and want to turn waste into useful energy. The plastic recycling plants are a kind of great recycling machine which can be widely applied to large-scale, medium scale and small scale factory. The new generation of machine for recycling plastic is more economic in electric power source, water source and labor source. In the long working life of this machine, it can save a lot of investment cost.

What is the uniqueness of your solution?

The best part of our idea is turning trash into resource. Recycling is one of the best ways for us to affect our world for the better. Recycling helps to enhance the natural environment and to preserve it for future generations. By making the proper steps towards reducing, reusing and recycling we can make a difference to make the world cleaner and more enjoyable. We intend to deal with waste through a multipronged strategy where the bio degradable waste will be used to produce biogas and bio fertilizer and the recyclable waste such as plastic will be treated and sold to recyclers for further use.

How does your startup generate revenue?

i) Revenue from Bio Gas and Bio Fertilizers. The two main products of Bio Gas Plant are biogas and bio-fertilizer, are very important resources. Bio Gas plant provides an efficient means of converting organic waste to profitable resources. The channel of selling bio gas and Bio Fertilizers in rural market consists of private, cooperatives and Govt. institutions. The channel however, remains similar to urban market. ii) Revenue from Plastic Recycling. Demand for recyclable plastics, particularly post-consumer bottles and manufacture scrap, is high. The plastics market is a global market, enabling us to take advantage of high demand. There are many companies around the India who will purchase recyclable plastic as it can be used to produce high-quality end products ranging from pipes to fleece jackets.

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  • Bilal Ahmad Dar
    Operational Head