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About Startup

Kunja Techno Pvt Ltd, Under Brand Name Drivingo, works as an online aggregator website for driving schools pan India. While ensuring a professional and well managed driving training session to its users, Drivingo hopes to reduce Road accidents by huge margin, and make indian roads more safer , better and ethically correct. Drivingo not just trains individuals as personal, but also gives extensive 45 days training to enthusiastic jobless youth , for free, so they can get a living. Drivingo plans to operate as driving training website alongwith drivers on demand service as and when required. In service since june 2017 , drivingo has trained over a 1000 people and more than 50 drivers, professionally in multiple cities. Being the single such channel , we are here to serve the society, while doing business.

What is the problem the startup is solving?

Part - A Indian automobile business is at the bloom right now with over 30 lakh cars being sold every year with an increase of ~ 7% YOY. The volume of 2 wheelers is higher. Though vehicle selling business is lot much structured,the need to professionally train owners of these vehicles is still untouched online. It's an area of untouched access till now ,and we will create an online intercom between all these future drivers & current teachers. More than 80% of road accidents won't occur if the person on driving seat would be professionally trained. Average of 3500 customers go to driving schools in city like kanpur & lucknow. Same is way above 6000 in mega cities. We already have potential customers, but no market. We just need to create a market and bring customers to it. Part - B Every city has Slum in its outskirts. A number of unemployed unskilled youth exist in these slums waiting for a chance to improve there living standard and afford a good lifestyle. Part - C After the boom of cab based services in India, there is huge difference in Demand and Supply of professionally trained drivers in market. Ola & Uber alone require more than 2 lakh Drivers in next few Years to meet demand. Part - D A number of people in cities have vehicle but don't have dedicated Driver. Many people need drivers permanently or for few days. No proper channel exists for them to hire a reliable driver when required.

How does your startup propose to solve this problem?

Part A Drivingo will work as an online aggregator website for existing driving Schools.This way we provide all our local driving schools at one platform. A customer is able to rate and review a driving school, thus boosting quality of service by schools. This will also create a competitive market place leading to provide best driving training at cheapest possible price. Drivingo will provide the service related at one's own locality at the given date and specified time, hence urging to get driving training professionally. Better trained drivers= Safer Roads = Less Accidents. Part B Driving is a skill which requires almost zero educational qualification but can be easily given. A skilled youth finds a job easier than an unskilled one. Drivingo will provide such unemployed unskilled youth driving training free of cost. Part C The people trained by Drivingo for free will be provided to cab companies like Ola Uber Jhunjhun For a nominal charge Helping them improve there lifestyle as well as coping the gap of demand and supply in industry. Part D Drivingo will have its own fleet of drivers and provide our customers Drivers on Demand on Nominal Charge from Hours to Day basis as well as permanently when required in all the major cities of india starting from Delhi.

What is the uniqueness of your solution?

We are unique in a number of ways such as : 1 .only tech startup currently with an online presence in terms of driving training institute. 2. Mixture of AR & VR into driving training. 3. Software based analysis of training of drivers, for all type of Vehicles. 4. Only such chain of driving schools across India.

How does your startup generate revenue?

We take share from each customer who is served through our partner driving schools, from the driving school itself. Use of customer data for promotion of vehicle selling business through our partners gives us revenue too. We also use merchandise products in partnership with other companies which our trainers possess while training such as driving gears etc which is an extra source of revenue.

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