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About Startup

SESTI PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated as a private limited company on First day of May 2017 under the Companies Act, 2013. Our Corporate Identity number is U93000JK2017PTC009950. We are recognized as a Start-up by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. Our DIPP Certificate No. is: DIPP23033. The name SESTI is an acronym of Social Engineering Support to India. The company currently runs its operations from a two room rented office at First Floor Saudi Sheikh Building near Haryana Marble Gulshan Nagar Bypass Srinagar. Besides the directors we have presently four employees on the company payrolls SESTI is primarily a management and service support company with a focus on sectors like Agriculture, Skill Development Training and Employability, Social and marketing research, capacity building of staff and general IT servicesDriven by our ambition to be proud contributors and beneficiary of our Country’s growth story, we have come into being with an aim to become a trusted business entity to augment support to farmers, unemployed youth, government and private sector payers including NGOs in their endeavours. We are committed to hold high standards of ethics while being professionally among the best. We are-and want to be seen as -a socially responsible Company favouring Eco-friendly technologies and green practices.

What is the problem the startup is solving?

Agriculture sector in J&K is showing a declining trend over the last few years. Besides appropriate production, marketing is the major problem for the farmers while the government has initiated number of schemes for farmers which primarily focus on production thereby ignoring the quality and marketing aspect. The inputs in terms of seeds and labour etc are skyrocketing but there is no proper selling price at the end of the season of the crop and farmers suffer losses. Secondly, there is no research plan in the process of policy development in the state which also compounds the problem. Farmers require quality seeds, water, fertilizer, farm machinery, research and extension for maximum output or money generation because this is the only way to maximize production with enhanced income. Improved and certified seeds for the small farmers in the state are scarcely available and soil testing is hardy done before undertaking agricultural production activity; farmers lack adequate awareness about producing and using organic fertilizers with the result pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used largely which pose a health risk to the consumers. The gaps in production, marketing and management of agricultural and horticultural produce in the state need to be addressed to maximize production with quality and raise the farmers’ income. This can be achieved through vigorous participation of all stakeholders including farmers, the state, community level organizations and private entrepreneurs.

How does your startup propose to solve this problem?

We want to promote Organic farming in the J&K state, particularly Kashmir Region, by motivating and capacity building of farmers. The farmers will be linked with the market through an e-Application were they can interact with the buyers and promote their produce. The App will also feature market alerts, weather forecasts and regular expert advice in local language supported by videos of best practices in the field of organic farming. In nutshell, we plan an e-commerce portal of vegetables with a focus on organically produced ones. The platform will enable the users to interact and conduct business in a transparent manner and save their time, energy and resources. The App shall carry data of producers, buyers and other stakeholders in the value chain. The innovation has potential to maximize opportunities for all the stakeholders in the chain and ease their way of doing things with high efficiently. As for raising income for the company from the proposed Start-up activity, we intend to create a trusted subscription of farmers and vendors to generate revenue for our sustainability and growth. The model is highly scalable and replicable with promising growth prospects.

What is the uniqueness of your solution?

Unlike other modals focusing on marketing aspect exclusively, our approach is to empower the producer first. We plan to work closely with the farmer community using their traditional wisdom and experience and augmenting the same with modern technology. We intend to address the quality, quantity and variety issues of production at the farmer's level and link them with the market. Our intervention will be guided by concrete market search and analysis rather than hit and trial method.

How does your startup generate revenue?

i) Revenue from subscription Yearly subscription charges of Rs. 500.00 will be collected from Farmers and Retail stores. We are aiming to get 1000 subscriptions in the first year. By the end of three years, the target is to reach 10000 subscriptions. ii) Revenue from each business transaction. 2% will be charged to the seller on each payment transaction done through our payment gateway. A dedicated team shall be engaged to promote the APP and encourage/assist e-payment transactions. We are projecting a minimum online transaction of 2.00 cr in the first year which would yield us revenue of 4.00 lakh rupees. Regular schemes and promos shall be featured on the portal to maximize business. iii) Revenue from advertising on site. Once the model becomes successful and popular, there is good scope of income generation from advertisements on the portal.

Members Detail

  • Ashraf wani
  • Ashfaq Hussain
    Operational Head